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If the COVID pandemic did anything positive—we can all enumerate the disastrous negatives—it cast a much-needed spotlight on mental health. 

If you didn’t know it before: It’s OK to not be OK.

Hooray! Now that we can all say “I’m not alone,” do we feel better? 

Certainly not enough better. There has to be a way to find some real relief. It’s not enough to take solace in the fact that our collective mental and emotional health as a society has taken hit after hit in the past few years. Indeed, knowing you’re not alone may feel like a comfort of sorts—but it doesn’t stop your mind from racing. Nor does it calm the churning feeling you have in your stomach when you hear news or find out someone is sick or get overwhelmed at work.

So, what will help? It may sound cliche, but Matt O’Grady, life coach, says the answer lies in the very simple practice of gratitude. 

Stay with me. 

Even if your idea of being thankful involves a turkey, stuffing and a bunch of family members you don’t see often, Matt says seeing the world through grateful eyes is a direct route to living a peaceful and joyful life–all year round!

If you don’t believe it, consider the science.

In Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine, we learn “Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain.” Many studies over the past decade have found that people who consciously count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed….”

Further, a study, published by Harvard Health, revealed the results of a fascinating research project about gratitude.

One of the groups of study participants were asked to keep a journal about things they were grateful for during one week. 

On the other hand, another group of people were told to focus on things that bothered them and to write about everything that annoyed them during the week. 

A third and final group were just asked to journal about daily life: no direction with regard to topic. 

“After 10 weeks, those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives. Surprisingly, they also exercised more and had fewer visits to physicians than those who focused on sources of aggravation,” according to the results of the Harvard Health study. 

Subsequent studies took these findings several steps further noting…

3 Life-Changing Reasons to Try a Gratitude Practice

  1. Being actively grateful will help you sleep better, enjoy lower levels of stress and even improve your relationships.
  2. People who do not live a life of gratitude are diagnosed more often with depression, anxiety and fears.
  3. Finally, a study at Virginia Commonwealth University revealed that being actively grateful for the people and things in your life that make you happy can reduce your need to turn to alcohol and drugs and, in turn, reduce substance abuse.

Perhaps you can’t go from zero to 60 on the gratitude scale overnight. It’s important to learn more about how a gratitude practice can help you. 

Start by visiting and listen to a few of Matt’s podcasts. Learn more, in his voice, about the value of gratitude and how practicing mindfulness can impact every aspect of your life–not only your mental health but your physical health, as well.

Matt O’Grady is always available for a free consultation call about his coaching services, as well. His sessions are 100 percent confidential and you can rely on his soothing voice, calming presence and compassion to support you, regardless of your current needs.

Gratitude coaching is not a one-size-fits all endeavor. Every person who chooses to work with Matt will have their own path to follow. 

If you choose to work with Matt, he will begin by talking to you about your life and identifying the various areas that could use attention. Where do you need to take action? What is holding you back? Matt will help you set clear and attainable goals. Regular calls with Matt will help you get closer and closer to success, however you define success.

The key is, you have to be willing to do the work. Think of a life coach as a guide walking beside you, not a horse pulling a carriage. You’ll get exactly where you need to be, living a life of gratitude and mindfulness; a life with reduced stress and improved outlook. Most of all you’ll learn what it means to be happy.

“I will also teach you how to connect to your own inner wisdom. Since your potential is limitless, you are capable of allowing so much more than you know or are currently creating in your life,” he said.

Wow. Well, if that doesn’t get you inspired to reach out to Matt then maybe you just aren’t ready to be happier, more fulfilled and connect to your deepest life purpose. And that’s OK too. Remember, it’s OK to not be OK.

– Written by A Journalist Who Was Inspired by Working with Matt O’Grady and How He is Transforming People’s Lives By Teaching Them How to Practice Gratitude, Mindfulness and Meditation Worldwide.

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