Stressed Out? Maybe it’s Time to BREATHE

Stress Management Coach: Helping You Overcome Stress and Improve Your Well-being

Do you think meditation may calm you, relieve fear and worry and help you release stress? You are absolutely right!

Meditation is so much more than minding your breath and finding a place to sit still and ponder. Meditation is an ancient practice used to help people, just like you, who are stressed out and need a break from everyday anxieties such as job concerns, financial woes, relationship problems, and, most importantly, health issues.

BREATHE: 5 MEDITATIONS FOR HAPPINESS AND STRESS RELIEF will guide you through the process of learning to meditate. We promise that you will feel happier, calmer, and better able to manage the challenges we all face on a regular basis.

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Is meditation right for you? Find out for yourself.

Just Breathe…

We’ve all heard that meditation leads to greater mental clarity, lower levels of stress, and reduced anxiety, and yet the idea of it is still so foreign for many,” writes Matt O’Grady, author of Breathe – 5 Meditations for Happiness and Stress Relief, available now on Amazon.

While some people associate it with religion, mystical, black magic, daydreaming, woo-woo, and even think of it as dangerous, he writes, “those who give meditation a try find that, although at first, it feels weird or uncomfortable, after sticking it out for at least a week, they admit to experiencing a calming and relaxing effect, even life-changing.”

It’s OK if you aren’t sure if meditation is right for you. But, you have nothing to lose and the most important thing to gain: 

  • Stronger Immunity
  • Less Stress
  • More Happiness
  • More Mental Focus
  • Greater Success in Your Life

The Daily Practice of Meditation will allow you to live in the moment, feeling free to embrace every precious opportunity in your life, on your path toward healing and happiness.

O’Grady, who is also the founder of well-known life coaching practice, Matt O’Grady Coaching, says BREATHE will…

  • help you overcome the states of anxiety, worry, and overthinking learn to let go of your addiction to stress, and finally reveal your greatest potential.
  • teach you about the process and purpose of several different types of meditation. 
  • explain how meditation can help you in a moment of heightened stress
  • help you live happier, healthier, and less stressed.

We all have hopes and dreams. Meditation will help you turn dreams into your new reality.

Ready? Set? Breathe…