Can Gratitude Actually Change Your Life?


“Matt changed my life, period.”

  • “Matt has changed my life, period. He coached me for less than a year and his patience and guidance in working with me and my fears, has led to a successful entrepreneurial venture that I am so grateful for! His coaching style is relaxed and kind but he also calls me out on my ‘stuff’ and helps me work through it despite myself. Now I just keep up with his podcast and blog and I feel like he is still my coach.”

  • "If we want to continue striving towards our goal of provider and employer of choice, we need to empower our employees to give of themselves at the highest levels–even when the stressors of the healthcare space makes it challenging. When it comes to supporting our employees–mind, body and spirit–we know that leaders play an important role. That’s why, this year, in celebration of both Nurses Week and Hospital Week, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System decided to focus on a very important area that should get more recognition: gratitude. We invited life coach Matt O’Grady, CEO of Matt O’Grady Coaching, to speak with our team about the benefits of living a life of gratitude. It is important to understand that being actively grateful can make a real difference when it comes to one’s attitude. We found that “an attitude of gratitude” is a very real thing.”

    Lisa Drumbore Vice President, Marketing Communications & Chief Patient Experience Officer, Saint Peter's HealthCare System

Finding the balance between work and play, career and family, comfort and growth while living with gratitude takes practice. Matt O’Grady is a coach, author, speaker and podcast host that helps remind you how to find simple, true joy in the midst of great challenges.

Appreciating the present moment could be

the greatest gift to mankind.

Life Coaching and Online Meditation for Young Adults

What makes Matt’s guidance powerful is the practical application of it. Cultivating a gratitude practice and nurturing a personal spiritual journey—while keeping up with the bustle of daily life–requires something bold, clear and elegantly simple.

What if life required less effort?

What do you do when you have meaningful goals you want to pursue, but you keep getting pulled in other directions in your life? How do you find clarity when you know your decisions today can impact many others tomorrow?

How do you stay centered when you’re in the rhythm of life, business, family, parenting, travel and so on?

With over a decade of experience as both a successful entrepreneur and mentor, Matt understands the desire to think big while balancing the demands of pursuing those goals. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re doing something you’ve never done, or trying to figure out the best way to use your energy each day.



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