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about working with Matt

  • Feedback on Matt’s presentations has been impressive. Employees reported learning some tips and techniques about the benefits of focusing on gratitude when times get tough. I would definitely recommend inviting Matt O’Grady to speak about the true value of being grateful and of investing in a culture of corporate gratitude.

    Ed Daech Vice President Human Resources and Chief HR Officer of Saint Peter's University Healthcare System
  • Matt O’Grady was one of our many gifts that Saint Peter’s offered the employees during the hospital week. I can vouch that Matt’s time was the best, and most incredible gift during these challenging times that woke me and many others up, to learn to self-appreciation and be grateful fo all that we have in our work and in our personal lives. I forever am grateful to Matt who helped me find more peace and understanding about how important practicing gratitude can be. Matt, your work in teaching us how to practice daily gratitude is truly a blessing. Thank you! Thank you Matt for everything you do!

    Uma Venugopal MSN, RN, CCRN-K, Administrative Supervisor, Saint Peter’s University Hospital
  • "If we want to continue striving towards our goal of provider and employer of choice, we need to empower our employees to give of themselves at the highest levels–even when the stressors of the healthcare space makes it challenging. When it comes to supporting our employees–mind, body and spirit–we know that leaders play an important role. That’s why, this year, in celebration of both Nurses Week and Hospital Week, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System decided to focus on a very important area that should get more recognition: gratitude. We invited life coach Matt O’Grady, CEO of Matt O’Grady Coaching, to speak with our team about the benefits of living a life of gratitude. It is important to understand that being actively grateful can make a real difference when it comes to one’s attitude. We found that “an attitude of gratitude” is a very real thing.”

    Lisa Drumbore Vice President, Marketing Communications & Chief Patient Experience Officer, Saint Peter's HealthCare System
  • “Matt is just one of those people who comes into your life like a lighthouse and immediately makes an impact. He’s warm, open, kind, caring, funny, intuitive,, intelligent and “sees ALL of you” with full acceptance and grace. I met Matt without knowing that I would ever experience his coaching and guidance. When we decided to do 1:1 coaching together, I was/am in the middle of a “mid-life renaissance” on many levels, and our first session was quite literally life altering. I had “known” certain truths for a long time, but I was hiding from them. When we had our session together he simply supported me in finding my own truths, and then, asked me some deep questions that forced me to stop hiding. I hung up thinking…WOW, “I guess you really have to do this Mandy.” The “this” I’m now doing full-time is self-care and using the healing modality of art/painting to transform people’s lives and businesses. It’s truly thanks to Matt’s brilliance! He gently lead me into owning who I really am, how I want to show up in the world, what feeds my soul each day so that I can then nourish others. His impact on my life is beyond words, and the ripple effect out from him through me and beyond…because I’m now fully present, is immeasurable. In deepest gratitude Matt.”

  • “I have had the pleasure to know Matthew O’Grady in a variety of capacities for over 12 years. He was my co-worker at Candlepower Publishing for three years and my employer at canvas magazine for more than two years. In addition, I have worked closely with him on several freelance media design projects. Matt is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and dedicated – he goes above and beyond to get the job done. He is an incredible team player and clearly relishes the opportunity to work with others in creating projects of the highest quality. At Candlepower, he was valued for his innovative contributions to book production as well as for his formidable marketing and sales talents. Far and away, Matt’s greatest strength is his profoundly effective communication style and his genuine ability to generate rapport with people of all types and ages. This combined with his exceptional team management and sales skills helped him to propel his projects to impressive success.”

  • “I have known Matthew O’Grady for 15 years. I find him to be mature, bright, responsible and grounded. I have been in business dealings with him for the past 8 years. He conducts business with a very high degree of integrity. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Matt.”

  • “I have known Matthew O’Grady for almost 20 years, during which we have worked together in a variety of capacities. Matt was integral in helping quickly develop a new publication to maturity for my business. I have always known Matt to be dependable, resilient, and hardworking.”

  • “When I first met Matt I had been struggling for several weeks with putting up a website. Frustrated at the amount of time I had wasted with nothing to show for it, I made the bold (for me) decision to hire someone to create my site for me. Matt was my natural choice. As a soul-based entrepreneur I was excited to work with someone who “got” where I was coming from. In fact, Matt more than understood where I was coming from. Matt instinctively knew there was more…”

  • “Matt is truly connected to his soul purpose and offers himself as a visionary to those who are fortunate to work with him – he has the ability to see the ‘greater whole,’ not just the piece before you, which gives him the foresight to work on many levels of a project and envision it to fruition. Matt’s visions always include what is best for all who are involved, which speaks to his passion and integrity as a spiritual man of higher consciousness.”

  • “Matt is one cool cat coach. He’s got a lot of love and kindness and thats what I needed. He listened, didn’t just tell me what to do. He cares about his clients and is really willing to go above and beyond.”

  • “When I hired Matt I was a mess. My business was a wreck and I was worse. It took some months but he convinced me to be patient and now I am a happy, relaxed person who makes time for myself and works through my business needs “One Step at a Time.” If you work with Matt he will teach you how to do just that!”

  • “I started working with Matt on coaching me for my business, once we got that organized we started working on me. That work has been the best journey of my life. I would highly recommend Matt for anyone who wants to work on Self Love, Confidence and the Successful Mindset.”

  • “When I met Matt, I was giving up on my business. He helped me turn it all around, from a 30k a year business to over 100k in a year! Now I have been on National TV and am working on my first book! If you are willing to do the work, Matt will lead you to wherever you want to go with your life and your business.”

  • “Matt is a Master Law of Attraction teacher. I read all the books, tried therapy, had tried other coaches but Matt is the only one that ever helped me to really understand what I wanted in life and then how to manifest those things into my life consistently. Thanks, Matt! :)”

  • “Matt really knows his website marketing and SEO he has helped our website customers grow faster than I ever imagined! You cant find a nicer guy to work with his customer service is top notch.”

  • “I’m so thrilled that Matt has written back to me regarding Petra. He is awesome I have got so much respect for his work. I first of all want to thank him for being so honest and available. I found his podcasts on search for Abraham, I am so grateful to him. His ability to translate most of the teachings I have tried to concentrate on for many years is incredible, he has allowed me to understand so many teachers I love with his thoughtful podcasts. He has condensed so many hours of work on his part into pure gold learning. I love the fact that I can listen to his thoughts with such candour thank you and best regards."

  • “I have been listening to your podcast and I absolutely love them! I haven’t always been a positive thinker or loved myself very much. I have been through lots of upset and downs in my life definitely in my younger year a lot of downs I use to be so angry at the world and never loved myself. I know I have a lot to learn, one thing I want to start to do is read more books one is yours and the next would be to come to one of your retreats. I ordered your book and I really enjoyed it! Very helpful. Thanks for you, your time, bless you and your day! Love you.”

  • “I was a long time listener to Matts podcast and I finally hired him for 5 coaching sessions to deal with something specific and by the 3rd session it was already sooo much better! Now I hire him whenever I am dealing with a stressful situation and he keeps me calm, focused and grounded. Matt, you are a lifesaver!”

  • “Matt has changed my life, period. He coached me for less than a year and his patience and guidance in working with me and my fears, has led to a successful entrepreneurial venture that I am so grateful for! His coaching style is relaxed and kind but he also calls me out on my ‘stuff’ and helps me work through it despite myself. Now I just keep up with his podcast and blog and I feel like he is still my coach.”

  • “Thank you so much for writing me back the other day, it’s so ironic that you messaged me on that day because I have been having a lot of difficulty in a certain part of my life and the day before you messaged me, I asked for clarity and an answer to what I’m missing, the one thing I want more than anything in my life. Then the great Matt O’Grady sent me a message! I listen to your podcast almost everyday and I hear what you’re saying about how to receive what I want. I do meditations from your podcasts with you every day as well! Like you say, I try to remember to relax, be grounded, breathe and live in the moment. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for what you do everyday on your podcasts and in your coaching practice, I don’t think I could get through life sometimes if it wasn’t for your podcasts and wisdom, thank you, bless you. I Love you!”

    Joy from CA

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