What is Corporate Gratitude?


Gratitude is the concept of being thankful for who and what you have. Corporate Gratitude grows in an environment where employees are respected, admired, acknowledged and driven to do their best — for themselves and the company at large.

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By creating opportunities for people to feel appreciated in the workplace, it’s only natural they will embrace the chances to add value to the team. This translates to greater worker satisfaction and company productivity.

Interestingly enough, creating a culture of Corporate Gratitude starts with the small stuff.

  • Does someone go out of his way to help a colleague?  
  • Perhaps it is something small like buying someone a coffee?
  • Maybe offering to take an extra shift so a colleague can get home to their family early?

This is a culture of gratitude in action.  The beautiful synergy of giving with no ulterior motive and then being recognized and thanked for that selfless act leads to more acts of kindness (people pay gratitude forward), genuine fulfillment for all involved (those giving and those receiving), and a stronger community.  

Gratitude in Business: How Expressing Thankfulness Can Benefit Your Company

To grow a culture of gratitude, you have to be able to recognize what it looks like in the workplace.

    • It’s a community that energizes itself through giving that is based in thankfulness
    • It’s a community that recognizes its own strength when it offers itself in service
    • It’s a community where each member is inspired by a common vision that is supported by those living out the ideals of gratitude and giving
  • It’s a community that is achievable with effort and dedication.

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