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Find Inner Peace with a Meditation Coach or Teacher: Discover the Benefits of Meditation

The advantage of working with a meditation coach to achieve a goal, get through a challenging period or find clarity is that you very quickly become aware of options you weren’t even aware of. When someone helps you see things from a new angle, suddenly you have insights.

Matt attributes some of his greatest successes in life to having excellent mentors and supporters.

Remembering who we are really are and what we are really capable of
creates magnificent opportunities.

Meet Meditation Coach Matt O’Grady

Matt O’Grady is a Business, Fulfillment & Success Coach, Author, Speaker, and Podcast host. He guides people around the world to attain new levels of connection, serenity, happiness, and success while also managing the stresses and challenges of modern, daily life. He knows from his own life experiences that keeping it simple can be a difficult, yet tremendously rewarding task. Cultivating an awareness and gratitude practice while nurturing a personal spiritual journey— and keeping up with the bustle of daily life–requires something bold, clear, and elegant in its simplicity.

Author Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness, he hosted the Matt & Phil Show for 4 years. Now, he hosts his own podcast show and has for the last 4 years. In his podcasts, he teaches his coaching clients how to be happier and more successful by using the practices of awareness, gratitude, meditation, present moment living and more. He is also a co-founder of Soul Brothers, a non-profit organization that provides a safe place for emotional awareness and expression, plus supports children and families in need.

Matt gets up each day with a deep passion and commitment to bring others out of dark places, such as feeling stressed, overwhelmed and disconnected, and into a better way of being and living. Using powerful, practical, and realistic strategies and tools, Matt is sought after by both individuals and organizations for his expertise and ability to bring massive shifts to people’s lives very quickly.  

Matt studied Psychology at Hofstra University, is a Certified Holistic Health practitioner from the Mueller Holistic College. He’s also worked in Marketing for 20+ years; starting at Harcourt, Inc, in publishing, he then launched his own magazine and custom publishing company. Today, in addition to his thriving coaching practice, he’s also the Founder & CEO of a full-service, client-centered, digital marketing firm.

Matt’s Personal Journey

This is the one that fueled his passion to help and guide others to deeper levels of connection, fulfillment, and success. It comes from turning his own darkest moments into gold through awareness, self-love, faith, and a persistent daily practice. He was in an emotional and spiritual tailspin for months, sparked by his experience of becoming a disabled veteran, and he almost went over the cliff. That is when he finally asked for help from deep within.. It was in that moment that he experienced an overnight healing and started working daily towards his personal recovery. As the years went by, Matt continued deepening his practice, studying for years at a Buddhist Temple, going to Holistic College, studying under some famous teachers, leading Meditation groups, and exploring all modalities to heal his mind, body, and spirit. His journey of asking, seeking, and putting into practice the learning he received is what inspired him to bring what he found to others so that they, too, can find the same peace, fulfillment, and joy for themselves. His lessons are both powerful and practical, making them something you can instill in your own life right away.

For over 20 years, Matt O’Grady has dedicated his life to guiding and helping others to live a more fulfilling and connected life. He is a leader and teacher who uses his own life experiences to teach and motivate daily. He’s a resourceful and insightful business and spiritual life coach, whose core belief is that the first step is always, as Matt says in his own words:

“Practicing deep awareness, becoming still, and peaceful so we can see, feel, and understand who we really are through watching our thoughts, feelings, and sensations. From this place of acceptance, compassion, and inspiration, we can move towards our joy, healing, and success in all areas of our lives.”

Matt teaches Self-Awareness, how to attract in all we want for our lives, and core teachings on how Peace, Gratitude, Appreciation, and Meditation are the keys to achieving joy and success in your personal and professional life. He has a unique ability to simplify these tools to make them accessible and useful for all his clients. He helps people cultivate a practice of joyful thankfulness that nurtures a personal spiritual journey, while also keeping up with the bustle and demands of daily life.

For well over a decade now, Matt has worked as a Business, Fulfillment & Success Coach to help individuals and businesses alike who strive for personal well-being and professional success to achieve both and sustain it! His approach and expertise lie in creating an authentic “coaching conversation”. This is where he pays attention to every detail of his client’s experience and does so in nurturing a space for growth and opportunity that leads to an overwhelming shift and amazing outcomes.

He is a native New Yorker, is happily married to his wife, Tara, and they are blessed with a beautiful son, Patrick. Matt’s belief is that despite what pain, difficulties, and mountains that we face in life, we truly CAN triumph and move mountains, and that this inner practice is what guides us to tap deep into our potential bring it out and to begin to live with a greater depth, emotional intelligence and experiencing a true peace of mind.

“If we are grateful, calm, cool, connected, and we’re keeping the inner life relaxed as we learn how to meditate and then we add in love, a real continuous outward and inner conscious love practice, we plant that into the fertile ground of a clear, relaxed mind with a grateful, open heart, just that combination, those ingredients equal such a profound goodness, beauty, success, happiness, and healing. It really is that simple.”

~ Matt O’Grady

“You are a lifesaver!”

  • “I was a long time listener to Matts podcast and I finally hired him for 5 coaching sessions to deal with something specific and by the 3rd session it was already sooo much better! Now I hire him whenever I am dealing with a stressful situation and he keeps me calm, focused and grounded. Matt, you are a lifesaver!”


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