Gratitude unlocks the


of life.

Insights from a new angle

The advantage of working with a coach to achieve a goal, get through a challenging period or find clarity is that you very quickly become aware of options you weren’t even aware of. When someone helps you see things from a new angle, suddenly you have insights.

Matt attributes some of his greatest successes in life to having excellent mentors and supporters.

Remembering who we are really are and what we are really capable of
creates magnificent opportunities.

Meet Matt O’Grady

Matt O’Grady has always been interested in what can’t be seen but what can be felt, and experienced. He always knew there was so much more to himself, to life, to being a human on the planet, and he has found that in studying emotional awareness, consciousness, spirituality and working and playing with his self development.

Matt studied Psychology in college at Hofstra University and has worked in Marketing for the last 20 years. Starting off at Harcourt, Inc, he then launched his own magazine and custom publishing company, and now owns the Digital Marketing Company,

Author of the Law of Attraction Workbook and the forthcoming book Living Gratitude, he hosted the Matt & Phil LOA Show for 4 years and now hosts his own podcast show where he teaches his clients how to be happier, more successful, and grateful. He is also co-founder of Soul Brothers, a non-profit organization that supports people and especially children in need. He lives with his wife and 3 year old son, Patrick, in Huntington, New York.

“You are a lifesaver!”

  • “I was a long time listener to Matts podcast and I finally hired him for 5 coaching sessions to deal with something specific and by the 3rd session it was already sooo much better! Now I hire him whenever I am dealing with a stressful situation and he keeps me calm, focused and grounded. Matt, you are a lifesaver!”


Save your time, expand your opportunities

By making the decision to work with Matt, you’re investing in new possibilities and the support of someone to help you take action to realize the outcome that fulfills you.

Coaching with Matt already sets new motivation and energy in motion: you know you have someone beside you helping you clarify, organize, ground and nurture your journey.

Connect with Matt now to learn more about working together.