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Hi Everybody,

Received some really cool podcast reviews recently and I wanted to post here in case you haven’t listened to my show yet.

If you do listen, please consider leaving a 5 Star positive review for me wherever you listen to your podcasts. It would mean the world to me!

Thankful, Matt.

Always Walk Away with a Useful Lesson!

This podcast is such a great blend of practical how-to’s AND mindset shifts – I always walk away with something I can immediately apply to my everyday productivity efforts. And I get plenty of book recommendations!

I definitely recommend this podcast to everyone who is interested in meditation, spirituality and self development.

Amazing podcast

I have listened to almost every episode and love it. Matt is so good at explaining things and covering content in detail that isn’t boring. I love how diverse things are and I’ve been able to learn a lot from the questions people submit and the recommendations/answers he provides. He does so in a very non-biased and non-judgmental way. Also he has a calming voice that I like to meditate on.

Therapy for free???!!!

Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s a blessing, maybe it’s just a good podcast but every time I listen I take something away that affects me personally. I’m so grateful to have such easy access to such great therapy. This guy is the real deal, so honest, cool and funny. I feel like he is my friend!

Matts Podcast is my Lifeline

Accessible and great advice. I like his down to earth approach and the guests are a great help. Strongly recommended

Awesome podcast!

Matt highlights all aspects of how to build a daily practice, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! He offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

The Best Podcast for Weekly Meditations

Love the podcast. Matt is such a likable guy. Love hearing his informative-yet-funny takes on trending brain science meditation and how to be HAPPIER!

From Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking!

Hi Matt,

Thank you so much for this eye-opening podcast that helped me and showed me how to steer away from negative thinkings but to identify these patterns and now I am able to “sift” to  find the positive things in my life be appreciating and being grateful and how to shift my thoughts and words away from the negative patterns.

As always, it’s such a pleasure to hear your voice and to experience seeing things in such a different way that I’ve been programmed to see.

God bless you always!

Great podcast

Accessible and great advice. I like his down to earth approach and his meditations are deep and peaceful. Strongly recommended.

Cool Coaching Podcast

I love all of your podcasts. I’ve referred your podcast to several family members. Love the relationship advice and all the other great topics. It is so positive and real. I think I am going to hire you as my coach!

I also love your Meditation Book.

Yes yes YES!

Hey Matt! I came across you about 3 years ago… I was going through a divorce and the lost of my dad… Your podcast, book and meditations have all been a great source of putting my pieces together… I will probably never meet you in person but maybe you will do a live event someday? If so, I am definitely coming! Thank you for all you do… nothing but love and respect.

Changed my Life

I started listening to Matt during my lowest moment. I knew I wanted to change, I knew I wanted to work on my mental health. Something pulled me to listen to his podcast after breaking off a two-year relationship with my fiancé who was having an affair. Matt’s voice is not only soothing and wise, but also energetic and collected. Whenever I need a self-help day, I listen to some of my favorite episodes just to hear his constant affirmations of my self worth.

Cannot recommend more!!

I’ve been listening to Matt’s podcast for over a year now and it has continued to help and support me through various phases of my life. Matt – I’m telling you now, give me a couple of years but I will be guest starring on your show. You are such an inspiration to all, and I can’t wait to be able to converse and connect and share my story as well.

So mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating!!

As a person devoted to personal growth and who has personally struggled with mental health through athletic events, and now medical student, I consistently recommend Matt O’Grady to ALL my patients! I am so so grateful for Matt and this podcast. He has been instrumental on my spiritual and mental health journey. Thank you, Matt!! Forever grateful to you, Brother!

I am so glad I started listening!

Just easy useful tools to feel better and be happier. I also think he has a cool voice, very calming.

Beyond Grateful

I discovered Matt, because a friend had recommended his book “Living Gratitude”. After reading the book, journaling along, and getting back to my mediation game, a friend I respect, had brought his name up in conversation and said she listens to his podcasts all the time. I had already listened to Mattss book on Audible so I knew the calming voice he had. I was beyond excited that there existed an entire podcast show with his calming voice, and words of wisdom. This show has truly put some perspective to topics that I had been struggling with. I truly love sharing these with my friends and family, who I think will benefit from specific episodes. If you’re looking for a show that will keep you coming back for more… in a healthy way… this is it!

The best podcast out there

Matt O’Grady sure is something special. I bought his audiobook “think like a monk” and was hooked. It created a spiritual awakening within my soul. I didn’t grow up religious but I am naturally a stressed out person. He has brought on a sense of calmness in my soul. My whole family comments about how different I am now. I’ve pursued something meaningful in my life and it’s made me a happier and less stressed person. His words of wisdom are endless. I’m now hooked. The time in which I’m listening to his book or the podcast now feel like meditation. Don’t hesitate, get the book, and be motivated to follow through with his ideas. It’s worth it. I feel like I finally have my life back. Thank you!

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