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Why Do I Coach? Exploring the Rewards and Challenges of a Coaching Career

Coaching is extremely important to me, in fact, it’s the most favorite “job” that I have ever had in my whole entire life. I have never felt more comfortable, more aligned, more connected than when I am coaching. 


The number one reason why I’ve done it for so long is because I believe it’s my calling. I’ve been hearing this call since I was a little boy. Ever since I can remember, there’s this idea that I am supposed to help people; that it’s my job to help. Whenever I wasn’t being helpful to the ones around me, I always felt like I was off and whenever I did, I felt great and amazing; there’s no feeling in the world like it for me.

This calling has been there for decades, for almost 45 years now.  I’ve wanted to help those in need, my family and even strangers. I know there’s so many of us who love to help others and make a positive contribution to society and that I’m far from unique. There are millions if not billions of people who love this kind of giving. I feel like this is what I was born to do, to help others, to be kind, compassionate, and to listen. I try to come up with strategies that work in the form of practices, meditation, techniques, and exercises. Then there’s a whole lot of compassion and kindness towards others as well. That’s the number one reason, the very first reason why I love to coach. 


The next reason I would say is I’ve never had so much fun doing something in my life. Being a coach and building a career around this, writing books, blog posts, videos and all sorts of things that help people. I just get lit up in a way that I’ve never gotten doing anything else. The idea of exploring consciousness, committing to kindness, understanding our habits, being compassionate, having self-discipline and becoming a positive force in people’s lives. I can connect with people on a deeper level and help them live their best lives. With that comes the joy of what I do. 

There are many other reasons why I love coaching. Another of the most important reasons is how fulfilling it is. The fulfillment that comes with sharing the wisdom that I’ve learnt that helped my own life and that of millions of others. I love being part of the process, where I, the messenger, gets to share the wisdom that I have learned over the years with the person or people I’m coaching.  

That information now gets applied in someone’s life and they make progress. They become more successful and less stressed. My clients become happier and overcome the difficulties and challenges of day to day life. It’s just massively fulfilling to me. It’s the best experience I’ve ever had in my life in any sort of work related space. It’s up there with the greatest joys that include my family and closest friends. 


Another reason why I would say I love coaching is because of  the connection I feel with others. The connection means the intimacy and intensity that arises as I coach them. The reality is people are making themselves vulnerable as we speak over the phone or in person. They’re revealing their deep dark truths to me, something I value and carry with the utmost discretion. These are secret truths about their lives,  their addictions and so much more. I get to know people on a deeper level.

There’s a lot of reasons why I love to coach. The sheer intensity, intimacy, and the beautiful experience that comes through people baring their souls. They tell me about these dreams which maybe they’ve never told anyone else and I feel honored.  I’m honored by the trust and the faith that people put in me to be able to share this information. They open themselves, their lives, their hearts in a way that they may not do with anyone else. Or perhaps they only do with a very short list of people. That is such an amazing feeling. It makes me feel so connected, so honored and committed to them. 

It’s not just about the money I’m paid to do this work. It’s my coaching clients’ openness, vulnerability, and willingness to share. That’s what pulls me in. I’m not committed to anyone just to do a job for them and receive payment. When they go the extra mile, really get deep down open and honest that just awakens a commitment from me. It is an experience of loyalty that I want to follow through on and deliver the highest and best service I can. To see their awakening, their joy, their success, their week to week progress is the best!

I see there’s a real sweet spot for the kind of teaching that I wanted to explore and give. I remember the first handful of coaching clients I worked with. It was an experience like no other, I was literally swooning. I was in a full ecstasy for hours afterwards. I’ve never felt anything quite like that. It was truly a deep spiritual experience that I’ve grown to love. The feeling has never gone away and I still love it today. 

To sum up, these are some of the reasons why I love coaching so much. It’s my calling, it inspires me, it’s radically fun to do, fits massively fulfilling, it’s my greatest love work wise, and I’m absolutely honored to do it. 

If you are ever interested in working with me I hope to share the same experience with you, please contact me here:

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