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“I will like to challenge you to choose peace, to choose focusing your mind to concentrate on peace. This will allow you to find what you’re looking for. “

When we’re in stress, we’re battling life. It’s like being at war with our own selves. Focusing on peace. It’s tough because of all the distractions, the things that are happening in the world, the tragedies, near and far. It’s hard to come from all those and other worries and focus on peace.

You may be asking; how can I focus on peace right now? So much is going on. I’m dealing with problems. You would be surprised how simple it is to turn your attention inward, to relax your body, to focus on the breath.

Why would you not seek this? Peace is relaxed, and you feel like you are moving towards a release of a burden, content, safe, alright. When you feel smooth, in the flow, you’re in peace as you experience that.

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