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A few weeks ago I was doing an Awareness practice. It’s extremely simple. From a meditative state one directs his or her attention to different areas of the body systematically and watches with the “Inner Eye” so to speak.

As I was doing this practice I had some powerful inner experiences, revelations, if you will. One of the important take aways for me was how difficult, challenging and dramatic we can often make our lives by the way we think about the things, people and experiences we have in our life. Taking some time to step back, look objectively and simply ‘be’ with our life often allows pathways to open up that we had not been able to see before. Especially, when we are stressed, its blinding to us. We see no way out. We become consumed with doubt, fear, worry and anxiety. That is no way to live…

And, Yes! There is a much better way. 🙂 This audio below takes things a little deeper…

Watching and Being,


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