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“Feel the force of gravity on the body and notice how the body feels without judgement or criticism.”

Relax and get into a meditative state, bring to mind what you’re grateful for. Simple and rewarding. Reflect on how blessed you are.

Find a comfortable position. Be comfortable and safe. Begin to feel your body. The weight. Just watch your body feel the weight of it and notice the sensations of the body by becoming more aware of the moment we are in right now. Be here, settling, relaxing, grounding, Gentle and relaxed focus. Watch what happens as you focus on your body and that area of relaxation by breathing in and out gently, slowly. Notice your breath, close your eyes, breathe.

This is an opportunity to notice something about your body you have never noticed before. How does it feel to notice your breath, your body, your senses? Meditation can be life changer and saver… literally!


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