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“Your Consciousness reaches across time and space and connects with Universal Consciousness to influence your destiny and that of the world. As a result, your attraction lies in becoming aware of the very real powers of your mind.” ~Sandra Anne Taylor, in Secrets of Success

LOABC_powerAre you aware of the powers of the mind?


Do you explore, strengthen, and apply them daily?


Do you rely on them to direct your life in a conscious moment to moment way?

The Powers of our Mind are limitless. However, like all things if we do not make it a priority, if we do not explore it, if we do not even at the very least believe in them, how can we strengthen them, utilize them and apply that eternal strength to our lives and businesses?

I believe very strongly in committing to the exploration of the mind, by coming up with a basic plan to do so. Here is an example of what I mean:

At the start of your day, schedule 15 minutes to explore your inner mind and its very real powers. Sit comfortably, spine relatively straight, hands in your lap or resting gently on your thighs, feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and do a quick body scan from your crown chakra down to the soles of your feet, relaxing all the muscles as you go, scalp, face, neck and so on. Notice the force of gravity on your body, holding you gently in place. Feel the breath moving in and out of your divine body temple. Connect with the sacredness of this simple act of relaxing, and connecting with your self, simply and gracefully watching your breath. This whole process can take as little as a few minutes, if you are really enjoying it feel free to explore it as much as you like. Now begin to look inside your mind, gently noticing what is there, what you are thinking about for a few breaths. Without judgement simply notice and let the thoughts go as if they are quickly passing clouds against a serene blue sky. Then ask of your Self: What is in my highest good to focus on today? Simply sit, ground, relax and breathe while you wait for an answer. Only ask the one time, don’t worry, You heard you! 🙂 You may get an answer immediately, you may get an image of receiving a massage or being generous, making a phone call or you may simply get silence, all that we see or hear are your gifts from your Mind. What you are starting to do is open the door to your inner Self, you are planting the seeds of awareness, belief, and understanding. It is not about immediate gratification, this is a journey, a journey that always gives you what is helpful to understanding your Self more deeply. You may get answers later in the day from your intuition just gently guiding you to different choices that may not have been available previously. After 5 minutes of this process, of being, accepting and receiving, continue to relax, sit, ground (noticing gravity, the weight of the body), breathe, becoming a conduit for what is higher in you to filter into your being. Making it available to you now in ways it was not before; accepting supreme highest good for your life, in all ways, areas and situations. As you move towards the end of ‘the sit’, become grateful for what you already have, appreciate what has been given to you, even if it is just the ability to sit and breathe, that is a HUGE blessing. Warm your heart chakra with these blessings for several breaths, then in a gentle and easy way, open your eyes, revel in the mystery that is sight, sound and the senses and flow into your day from the place of awareness and appreciation…




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