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I was inspired to write this post by my good friend Jeannette Maw, Creator of Good Vibe U while we were having our conversation about LOA Business Makeovers. Thank you, Jeannette! LOABC_dragon

Hey, I get it. It’s not always so pretty…realizing that everything you see in your life and your business has been created by, yup, you guessed it… YOU!

But I am here to tell you a little secret, it’s ALL GOOD! Because even though it may not always be pretty, and feel so grand to take full responsibility for all we see and experience in our lives and manifest in our businesses… it’s ALL RIGHT!

The reason it’s all right is because its a complete set up. Yup. It’s a setup that you created. It is the exact, perfect, and in fact divine situation that YOU created, specifically setup to inspire what you need to bring forth in the world. That’s what contrast is ya’know? It’s the thing, the situations, the people that invite us to expand, grow be do and have more in our lives.

It’s the Absolute Source Diagram, recipe, and blueprint to allow your greatest gifts to blossom in this life. Think about it for a second, OK? Look around at the world, there’s all sorts of contrast, sad stories, tough situations, yes? We’ve all been given some, yes? Some people get it all in a bunch, some spread out, some in really dramatic societal (is that a word?!) and cultural biases like a ‘hate crime’ or some such thing.

It does not matter.

What would Oprah say? Louise Hay? Michael Jordan? Viktor Frankl? Joe Vitale? Henry Ford? Bill Gates? Albert Einstein? Thomas Edison? Wright Brothers? Winston Churchill? Abraham Lincoln?

Do you know what all of these famous people above have in common?


However, none of them let their early failures define who they were. They never gave up. They had Faith, they were Persistent, and they FOLLOWED THROUGH.

What are you going to do?

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” ~Winston Churchill

I ask you to take responsibility for your life, and for your business. Pick yourself up, awaken the dragon within. Decide right now, in this moment that you are not going to allow your past to define you. No matter how ugly, embarrassing or depressing. From this moment on you are going to allow Source to work through you so you can share your gifts with the world, tell the new and improved story of your life, of your successful, profitable and JOYFUL business.

Remember, failure can be the first step towards Success.


In the honor of faith, persistence and follow through….



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