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‘It’s all in the mind’ is a phrase, which may be widely thought of as a cliche. This phrase, however, infers that whatever you are thinking is not real, but all in your mind. Since you think it is true, the fact that you think something is true makes it true.

Circumstance may occur physically in our lives, and we react to it – we treat work, family and relationships stress like a tiger chasing us! The fight or flight response comes on. However, its NOT a Tiger! 🙂 We react as if it is, our bodies react with stress hormones as if we are being chased by a tiger, but we are not. In fact, our minds are like the crazy monkey, jumping from one thing to another, with out rest, without pause, without Consciousness or Mindfulness. However, when we get our minds relaxed, focused and in harmony all of that stress leaves. We are able to see, feel and know what to do intuitively.

Stress and worry are always a choice. People generally go through their whole lives without a lion actually chasing them. However, they live 10,000 deaths before the actual one. They worry about a break up or their partner cheating even though it never happens. How many hours, days and years of our lives do we waste in worry and anxiety? Every moment is a choice. If we are awake enough to see our Minds, to see our State, to feel our emotional GPS, we can then make thoughtful and emotionally intelligent decisions.

We can be aware of the reality that we are in a moment, instead of looking into the past, or worrying what future will come. Instead we can become people who Live In the Moment, which prepares us for what’s coming next; living here and now in this exact moment for each word, each syllable, each breath, bringing presence, awareness, wakefulness to the moment – remembering who we truly are – defining the human experience, feeling the best that’s in us, the most powerful aspects of ourselves. And from that place, choosing how to think and feel about this moment and set the tone and create the path for the next moment. Doesn’t that sound like it makes much more sense then running around like silly monkeys?

So the next moment doesn’t need all sorts of intellectual anticipation – it never does. Living most of our lives in the moment doesn’t mean you do not specifically choose. For example, you have got a meeting for your book launch, so you have to start to think about a list of tasks. Hence, there is a specific time to reflect on the future and strategize. But we live our lives as every moment of thinking and strategy, worry – fast, stressed, hyper-focused, lacking attention. It’s not the best way to live, it makes us sick, insane and very little of what we can be in this life.

The best way to live is being awake and aware of the moment, feeling the beauty and the love of your being – hearts open, eyes open, minds open – being connected and awake. From that place, we step into the moment and we can just ‘be’.

As the moments pass, we watch it, feel it, experience it, not strategizing on what are we going to say or do next, and a lot of other questions – that kind of ‘monkey mind’ cycle that leads to stress and negativity.

The best outcome can be tapped into simply by being in the best place available, a true Nirvana of sorts, which is simply, the present moment. Not living our lives in the past or the future but in the Now – this now, right now.



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