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So, after the radio show tonight, my mind feels expanded and I am soaring thinking about many of the things Greg Kuhn, aka the Laughing Dr., discussed with us. The one point that he was making over and over in different ways is that our lives are essentially one thing:

Pure Potential

Not physical, not stuck, not in stone, not the same day after day…actually just the opposite is true.

We are pure potential and whatever we BELIEVE is what we bring forth in our lives through the power of LOA.

It was really all hitting me at once tonight. As he was giving fabulous answers to our questions, my mind was saying: “Whoa, whoa! This is a scientist giving these fabulous answers to questions related to the LOA ???!! WOW! Somebody call the newspaper, call CNN, call somebody! This could be how the masses can actually begin to believe that they are powerful beyond measure….”

The idea that we are co-creating every moment of our existence by our vibrations, beliefs, paradigms, stories etc and knowing that all of those pieces are 100% changeable, knowing that we can tell a new story, upgrade our belief systems, shift our paradigms, raise our vibrations, then we can do absolutely anything.


LOABC_greg_kuhn_1We CAN move mountains.

We CAN turn our businesses around.

We CAN turn our lives around.

We CAN find that relationship.

We CAN live our dreams.


We CAN be happy, fulfilled, joyful and ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after!!

Sounds good to me. 🙂 You? Well, that is my belief. What’s yours?

Give a listen to the show here.


Co-Creating with the Source in the Vortex,



Photo credit: bulliver / / CC BY-SA

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