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Complaining about anything holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you’ve been asking for. Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you’ve been asking for. Blaming someone holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you’ve been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You’re asking; you can’t help but ask. The Universe is yielding; it must yield. It’s a big question, folks: why aren’t you letting it in? ~Abraham


OK, so why aren’t you?!

We are all resistant about something. We all have better areas of our lives than others, right? So, where aren’t you letting in the joy, abundance, love, harmony, self care, successful business? Well, I can tell you I had a recent realization around how I think, speak and feel about TIME. I saw myself saying things such as:

 “Where does all the time go?”
“I wish I had more time.”
“I am so busy. I have 100’s of emails to catch up on and 20 phone calls to return, agh!”

With the power of my words to Source’s ears, what am I asking for in those moments? More time? Nope! I am actualizing the OPPOSITE of what I am looking for. So, I am pivoting this whole situation in my mind and with my words. Now, I am saying:

 “My power is in the present moment.”

 “There is always enough time, and in fact, enough of everything, and I Am always enough.”

 “I am so appreciative of all the attention my businesses receive and I appreciate all the support I have in responding to the outreach we receive.”

Sometimes, it’s that simple.

Simply noticing, grounding, breathing, pivoting and responding from the Vortex of feeling good.

Ah, isn’t life grand? 🙂


In Presence,



Photo credit: bluecinderella / / CC BY-NC-SA

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