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I have 2 questions for you:

1. Who do you Love?

They are pretty important to you, because you love them, right?

2. What’s more important to you than those you love?

For most of us, I believe its not much. Our loved ones are usually our major focus.


They are our inspiration and our support.


They are there at the beginning, the middle, and/or our end.


Love has many ways to express itself in the world, at times it comes in a moment and a glance, sometimes it takes years to really mature, and sometimes we are born into it, so to speak.


I don’t think we can argue that there are many different variations of the expression of love.


With that said, I think we can all agree that Love is important if not the most important thing that we can ever share with another. Is this true for you? I don’t know that but I know its true for me.


So, here is the point I am trying to make here and I will make it in the form of a question. Life is a question. Life is, well, Alive. It’s not stagnant.


In every moment we are growing or dying. When we are loving, in my opinion we are growing. ~ Matt O”Grady #LOABizCoach (Tweetable)


So, for my Deliberate creator friends out there….


Do you Love your Business?


Everyday, like you would anyone else you cared very deeply for?


Well, I do. I haven’t always. However, I have seen that it just makes no sense for me to wish it otherwise.


I am going to love my Self, and my business. With all my scars, faults, mistakes, failures, and whatever else there may be to me or others from the outside.


It’s my business, damn it! It’s my life.


And I am going to love them both.





Photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ / / CC BY-SA

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