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Have you ever asked yourself the question:

Who Am I?

I don’t mean the labels of job, relationship, physical qualities, rich, poor, Buddhist, Jewish, black, white etc. I mean for this question to go much deeper than that.


Who are you really? On the inside.


How do you define yourself when it’s not thru the societal and cultural categories?


I have been playing with this idea of asking myself the question: Who am I? And creating a space in which I can listen to my intuition respond, or allow my inspiration to lead me.


This process has been very profound and I highly recommend it. By going through this process, I believe we are tapping into some of the most powerful roots of our being.

When we sincerely ask such an open question to our minds, we create a very fertile ground for the growth and expansion of who we really are and who we really want to be.

I find it to be a wonderfully creative and freeing process to simply open to what is highest in me and allow whatever feels best to flow through me and inform where I will go next. It’s always a mystery. It’s always different and it has always felt safe, beautiful and uplifting. Exploring who we are really has a way of doing that. I would love to know what you find if you explore this practice, comment below or email me at


Phil and I did a whole show on the above topic, with Jeannette Maw from, give it a listen here.


To the Realization of Your Success!



Photo credit: Esparta / / CC BY

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