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I was just reading an awesome blog post from an awesome person, Jeannette Maw from Good Vibe University. It really got me thinking about desire, manifestation and where our ‘originating vibration’ is coming from as we experience the desire for something to come into our lives. Thanks for the inspiration, Jeannette!

We all desire, want, wish for so many different things in our lives, right? However, how often do you REALLY consider: “Where you are coming from.”

What I mean by that is where you are vibrationally/emotionally coming from.

Where you are energetically aligned throughout most of your day, most of your life, most of your thoughts, most of your feelings, actions, and words. Especially, where are you coming from when you want ‘that thing’? Are you coming from the place of how it will feel once you have it? Because if you aren’t…..well, read on!

Think about it for a minute. If for most of your day (or even a couple hours a day!) you are NOT vibrating from your highest self, then why would life open to you?

When do most miracles happen? When there is the strongest love, soul, desire, alignment, appreciation, belief, faith, and so on, right? So, I think it makes sense for most of us, myself included, to get super real with ourselves about where we are coming from energetically, so we can get aligned to let it all in!

Jeannette’s post was discussing some great Tony Robbins info about Focus. Definitely check it out; there is some great content there from both Jeannette and Tony.

Focus is uber important, yet, if we are stressed and full of anxiety, can we really have a laser focus?

How can we vibrate and Focus the power of Source from that scattered state? Once we slow down, begin to gather ourselves, we are getting closer, we are moving in the right direction. One of the things I find most helpful is to get grounded. And I don’t mean just saying the words as we down our 4th latte from the Starbucks drive thru! I mean putting our butts down, on the mat, a chair, the floor, wherever, but really coming to outward and inner, ‘stopping’. Once we have that much going, our inner state can begin to relax just enough to get a bit clearer.


Once we have hit the pause button, I love to do the “Sense Exercise”; it is also called the “Warrior Meditation”.

The following is a basic overview, from a seated position while keeping eyes open or closed we really feel our Ground, we notice Gravity and all the places our body is connected to the chair, floor, grass, etc. that is our literal ground just like with electricity. Once we have established that feeling of groundedness in our bodies, we notice our skin and all the sensation on it, and from there we add what we can see (if eyes are closed just notice what you are thinking) what we can hear, taste and smell. Pausing at each ‘sense’ for a minute or more, really noticing the intricacies of that sense. For example with our hearing, we can notice our own sounds, breath, beating heart, sounds close like a computer, birds outside, sounds far away such as a plane in the distance. By doing this systematic process, we bring our power back into ourselves, using the body-temple as a tool for emotional and mental homeostasis. Once we have done this we can add the breath to the meditation, watching the life giving source move in, through and out of us. Remembering who I really Am, feeling my Soul, my Being, literally accessing our divinity. Now, we are much more likely to be vibrating energy that can help us manifest what we want, what we desire most, what we love most.

At the highest level, where do we want to be coming from? The simple answer for me is:

The Source of All. What is highest, divine, in me, through me. That is what I want to vibrate. However, that can never happen if I am shut off, asleep to who I really am, not connected, grounded, awake and yup, Focused. Especially if you are a ‘busy business owner’ this exercise, done daily for 5 minutes, could really change your outlook, perspective, vibration and ultimately your manifestations.

Now tell me: Where are you coming from?

It’s great that we have this awesome comment section below where you can answer this question and share any other thoughts and ideas.


Remembering & Focused,



Photo credit: Cyril-Rana!! / / CC BY

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