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Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy


Do you know what your purpose is? Really? You sure? Most people don’t  and that is one of the reasons they are frustrated and unhappy with their businesses and lives. Knowing our purpose gives us strength, gives us energy, and as Mr. President alludes to, it gives us direction. There are at least 3 different levels of purpose that I think are important to consider:


1. Our overall daily purpose of being here, alive on the planet.

2. Our specific business purpose

3. Our spiritual purpose


If we know these 3 purposes in our life, it really helps us get clear about who we are, what we are doing and why we are doing it. In a very rough manner here are mine:


1. To enjoy and build beautiful relationships, vibrate love, joy, peace, abundance and consciousness into the world and beyond.

2. To co-create with my clients to bring harmony, abundance, prosperity and joy into their lives and businesses.

3. To explore and deepen my inner journey, loving, laughing and remembering that I Am a divine child of The Source. Living in the present, consciously and actively loving those around me and all who I meet.


The details of my purpose or yours don’t matter as much in this post as it is simply to have them. Without them it’s much harder to know what your focus is everyday. With the ones that I have chosen above, I know that I can have a ‘successful’ day every single day. Truth be told they are specifically chosen in part for that very reason, I won’t make a million for my clients everyday (yet!), however, I know what my intention is there in #2 and I know that I am aiming at that, thinking about that, discussing those subjects, building projects around these ideas, etc. Therefore, I can look back at my day and say: “Yup, I did that, that, that and that. Good job, Matt!” Then it creates the freedom to feel celebratory, joyful, grateful and appreciative of my experiences which leads to more inspiration, confidence and fun in my business and in my life!



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