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This is a very valid question for anyone but in my mind especially for entrepreneurs. We started our own businesses because we wanted to:

  • follow our passion

  • achieve our dreams

  • be our own boss

  • make more money

  • have flexibility

  • enjoy our work more

Aren’t all of these points and similar related to Happiness? Yes, I concur as well. Have you really pulled back the layers to understand what is most important to you as it relates to happiness? I urge you to do so if you haven’t. The process can be quite enlightening and inspiring. Like most things, Happiness is a choice. If we make it a priority, if we are focused on it. if aim for it, if we ask for it, and seize opportunities we have created it should be no problem, Mon! Don’t worry, Be Happy. Right?

Well, most of us know it may be a bit more complex than that in practice, and day to day and year to year. However, I know from past experience Happiness is an achievable goal and a very important intention to have on a daily basis not just when you land the big client, or have the great personal milestones. Sometimes its the simple pleasures of life, for me they would be:

The sound and smell of rain…

A child’s laughter…

A beautiful smile…

A happy client or employee…

We all have these simple joys available to us on a daily basis but are we taking full advantage of them?

Can we focus on them to bring out the deeper opportunity of joy that lies within?

Are we clear on what we really want so we know it when it arrives or doesn’t?

I think we can do this and much more.

Here is a link to a Matt and Phil Show on Happiness:

Here’s to your Happiness!


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