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Courting Faith, she’s my favorite!

Recently, someone I really respect and appreciate in my life told me that sharing my ‘Expeditions in Faith’ story would be helpful to my peeps. Well, when I hear the Muse, I like to follow her directions! Well, it kinda goes something like this….

I had been practicing Faith on and off for years, seeing what it really felt like to believe something, to really allow my mind and heart to go somewhere I had previously felt doubtful. It was such a powerful experience for me that I decided to explore it further and further and the more Faith I experienced the more I wanted it as a part of my life.

So, 3 years ago for about a year, every night at about 10 or 10:30pm, I would shut down the computer, close the book, turn off the TV and simply sit in a state of Faith for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to 45 minutes or more. I did not want to put many restrictions on it, the aim was simply to explore the existence of Faith in my life in a daily way for months in a row. I had done the same practice with Gratitude a decade ago and it was one of the most powerful of my life. So, I figured I would give Faith a try as well. Some nights it was hard to connect at all, other nights I would literally writhe in ecstasy for minutes at a time.

It’s no real surprise, anything we focus on grows, so I was focusing on Faith, and guess what??? it grew! 🙂 I know shocker alert! Life really can be that simple sometimes most people dont want to believe that but I really do. When I clean off my desk, I feel more organized. When I take a shower I feel clean, when I practice Faith, I have more confidence, more connection, more relaxation. Simply, because I know its coming. Everything I want. Not just one specific thing, I really want, nope, all of it. I am practicing Faith as a basis for divine connection, an eternal remembrance, an ecstatic embrace. As Hafiz says…


The earth has disappeared beneath my feet,

Illusion fled from all my ecstasy.


Now like a radiant sky creature

God keeps opening.


God keeps opening

Inside of Me.


Thats what Faith can do you for you too if you practice it.


I will get into that in post #2.





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