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LOABC-fearWe all have fears. There, I said it. Me, you, all 7 billion of us have fears. It’s one of the many ways we are all connected as a human family. It’s OK to have fears. It’s OK to explore our fears and it’s DEFINITELY OK to overcome them. If we don’t even know what our fears are, how can we overcome them? How can progress in all the directions we want to go in our lives?


As Entrepreneurs, we already know we are brave, unique, and willing to live by faith and our belief in ourselves. However, I have seen how fear can paralyze me, even when it looks like I am making all sorts of moves and actions; the truth is I am avoiding the opportunity to face my fear in those moments. And that’s OK.

It’s a journey. It’s a process. I am committed to being patient, kind and loving to myself: for my own sake, for my family’s sake, and the sake of my businesses.

I am not suggesting spending days on end focused on our fears, of course, it’s important to realize that if we focus on them too much then we are just creating more fears. We can learn to take inspired actions despite our fears, especially once we know them. It can actually be a very in-powering experience.

I know what I have inside me. I know how powerful it is.

When I live from that power, I am lifted up, above my fears, worries, and stresses. I have love in my heart, standing in faith, and I know that I Am Source.

From that place, all is possible. Fears become stepping stones, worries become mist, and anxiety a pebble that can be tossed aside. Our fears can actually become one of our paths to Freedom.

What are you afraid of?





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