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Its always Now. I know, that can be scary, overwhelming, confusing, weird, hard to comprehend, really wrap your mind around, etc. However, its simply the truth. What is also true is that you do not need to know how the Universe works to be able to live happier, healthier lives. When you turn on a light in your house do you need to know how electricity works and the lamp, etc to be able to see better? Nope, you don’t. To be able to benefit from electricity all we have to do is flip the switch. So, this is really the same thing. Its simply the truth. Once we accept that and begin to actually live from the present moment our lives predictive dialer software become much less stressful, much more manageable, and in fact, we significantly increase the ability to tap into the Potential Power Life has to give us. We begin to come from our inner being, the real source of our lives. Not from egoic needs, old patterns that don’t serve us but the from our self generated Awareness and Presence. It is a life changing practice, you can listen to Eckhart Tolle talk about this idea here: The Power of Now

If you are interested in less stress and more happiness, I go deep in to this topic here in my podcast on the subject, listen in: The Time is NOW!

Love, Matt.

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