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Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. – Abraham Lincoln



This week we had a good friend of mine on the Matt and Phil LOA Show, Dr. Rick Mabanta from Mabanta Chiropractic in Huntington, NY. It was part of our Vibrational Medicine series that we launched a few weeks ago.


For the most part we were discussing physical healing, through uses of the Mind, Body Mind, subtle energy, thoughts, emotions and such. If you have any interest in these fields of Holistic, Alternative, Folk types of medicine please give a listen.


The mind is everything. What you think you become. -Buddha


If you are entrepreneur, however, you may want to listen with an ‘additional ear’.


By that I mean that as much as we may have been talking about healing our bodies of dis-ease, at times our businesses can seem the same way, yes? We are disorganized, unmotivated, overwhelmed, feeling lack of clients, money, and our overall sanity!


Hey, we have all been there. It can be lonely being an entrepreneur, it can be tough, and I have a HUGE amount of compassion for all of you who know what I am talking about here. However, I am here to say:


 It can all change.




It can change FAST!


You must be willing to believe that this is possible.


You must be willing to believe that you are more powerful than you know.

That your potential is still 95% unmanifested and lays waiting for you to have true, pure and powerful Faith. Not in the world, or society or in your products or services, but in your Self.


I believe in You.



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