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One of the biggest complaints in our society (and every society) is that people just aren’t happy. And if your happiness is tied to your professional success, you might find happiness an impossible goal. That’s the problem with ambition: no one is every successful enough.

However, you can achieve personal success and fulfillment. All it takes is an attitude adjustment combined with positive action. If you’re ready to take that action, listen to a podcast on success, and create a more positive and fulfilling life for yourself every day, here are a few tips to help you get started on your journey.

Keep a Gratitude Journal
Believe it or not, keeping a gratitude journal is extremely helpful in staying positive and successful. According to a 2011 study, spending just 15 minutes every day writing down what you’re grateful for can improve your mood and even help you sleep better at night. Never underestimate the power of active gratitude lessons and positivity in words.

Start Meditating
Meditation, while a great way to promote calm, is also a great way to promote positivity and success. If you start daily or even weekly meditation sessions, you’ll be able to tune everything else out and focus on what truly matters to you, such as your emotions and personal goals.

Set Goals of Varying Degrees
You can undergo all the spiritual training you want, but you’re not going to get anywhere if you keep setting lofty and impossible-to-achieve goals. If you set daily, weekly, and even monthly goals instead, you’ll be able to see more success, feel more successful, and be satisfied with your life for a change.

Take One Risk Every Day
Whether it’s trying a new food for lunch or making a new friend, you should try to take at least one risk every day. Not only will this open your eyes to new perspectives, it will help you grow as a person and feel more accomplished when you complete a task that may have scared you before.

Discover a Passion
If you can find something you’re passionate about, pursue it. Even if you don’t succeed at first, having something truly speak to you as a person is an important factor in positivity and success.

Whether you’re looking for happiness training or want to start listening to a podcast on success, these tips will help you create a more positive life. Remember: the world is full of negativity; don’t let it consume you, too.

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