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My clients often ask me how I get into my LOA Biz vortex, and some have even said: “I wish I had a checklist or something to help me stay on track, and focused in my Vortex!” Well, my friends, Ask and it is Given! 🙂 Below is a checklist of sorts, including some of the ways that I find extremely helpful to stay in my Vortex, especially around my business, and it’s perfect for Deliberate Creators to use to check in with themselves and their businesses!

1. Know what you want!

It’s Inside You. Know as clearly as possible what you really, really, REALLY want and why you really want it. Write it, speak it, record it, video tape it, repeat it, know it, live it!


2. Chillax, wouldja?!

Make Relaxing and Releasing very High Priorities and find time for this every single day. A 20 minute foot massage could change your life, couldn’t it? Make an appointment with yourself for yourself, and put the iPad and the phone down for awhile; enjoy nature; breathe in the slow, still beauty life has to offer during the down time.


3. Let Go.

Giving it ALL up to the Universal Manager when things get too stressful or you are having trouble ‘figuring it out’. Imagine what trusting the Universe will do to your Attraction Factor….You may be surprised by the results!


4. Breathe.

One of the most underrated, underutilized, most powerful tool that we ALWAYS have at our disposal is our breath; and if we don’t have it, then we’ve croaked!🙂 Breathe fresh, rejuvenating air deep into your lungs, 3 conscious, grounding breaths can change your abundance magnetics immediately!


5. Focus.

Leaking energy and having our efforts not bear fruit is daunting and exhausting. Learning how to focus, be efficient and manage yourself is very important. If we don’t know how to stay focused, how can the Universe give us what we really want? Sending mixed messages slows it all down!


6. Connect to Your Source.

This is where it ALL comes from, right? You, the Planet, Love, Beauty, Fun, Passion, Inspiration, all of it. Why not direct your attention to the life giving source from whence we came?!


7. Love Your Self Deep.

This is a powerful key to real success and true happiness. Loving ourselves, taking time to appreciate the innocent, shy, inner child in us all. Compliment yourself, say ‘I love you,’ in the mirror, eat something you know is good for you and remind yourself that’s one of the ways you are loving yourself today.


8. Share your Joy and have fun!

Smile, Laugh, fake it if you have too. Find 10 minutes everyday to just laugh, crack up and be silly. It works to release stuck energy every time; it will boost your immune system and help regulate your metabolism!


9. Gratitude and Appreciation are Super Powers!

Think, feel and speak how grateful and appreciative you are about your life, world and business. There is magic in this energy and it can produce HUGE results. Think of the people, animals, places, situations, and things that you grateful for and send them Love. Remember, life is a mirror. Click here to get a Free Chapter from my upcoming book on the Power of Gratitude and Appreciation.


10. Keep the Faith!

Believe, Have Faith, Know that it is coming! This is one of the strongest energies in the Universe. It can move mountains, it can part seas, it can create royalty-like abundance. How often do you practice it? With Faith, all we desire is closer than we think! Start today, and add it into your daily practice.


Bonus List!


A. Move That Beautiful Body-Temple! Whether that is at a networking event, a yoga routine, or a quick walk around the block, if you feel stuck, don’t stay stuck, MOVE!


B. Ask for Help! There are millions of people on the planet that want to help YOU, however, if you don’t ask you won’t get the help you want! I am one of them click here to go to the Work with Matt page.


C. Allow yourself to make mistakes, trust me it’s not THAT bad. Get grounded, Pick yourself up, dust off and move forward. I know you can do it!


D. Take time OFF, we all need it! Vacations are required for living, a healthy, balanced and sane life! 🙂


If you use the 10 steps above (and the Bonus steps!) consistently, I have no doubt that soon you will be enjoying this view as much as you want!



Photo credit: alpha du centaure / / CC BY


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