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LOABC_timeIt’s always now.

That’s a true statement, is it not?

Have you ever experienced anything, an argument, a kiss, a thought, a feeling, acquired a new customer, a miracle, a song, a memory….anything outside of the Now?

No. You haven’t. Neither have I.


It’s always now.

Now is now, and when I experience ‘later’ it will be now.

OK, OK I am getting to my point I promise. However, I wanted to set the stage for what I am going to say next:

You never need to think about anything but Now, and if you do all your future moments will unfold as you wish.


Big statement, I know. However, after doing a fun Matt and Phil Show on The Nature of Time, that is one of the realizations I am walking away with. As an American society, we are so focused on getting what we want right away. We don’t want to wait. We want Instant Manifestation. We want things done ‘yesterday’…. however, I think we are missing the point. If we are able to make Peace with ‘what is’, and truly “Be Here Now”… all becomes possible.


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It’s always Now. Why not be at Peace with it?


So, if our focus is wholly in the Now, we free ourselves from the chains of the past while paving our way to a desired future. Yet, if we rush it, we are pushing our desires away. If we live in regret, we are still bound in the past. Either path leaves us missing the only thing we ever really had to begin with:

The Present Moment….now.





Photo credit: János Balázs / / CC BY-SA

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