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I often get asked by clients how I stay grounded, connected, calm, and have peace of mind. There are many things one can do, however, the one that works best for me consistently is The Sense Exercise. This exercise allows you to really get into your body and the senses to connect deeply with the human form, to truly inhabit our beautiful temples.

I start by getting comfy in a chair, feet flat on floor, body at right angles, feeling the WEIGHT of gravity on the body. Relax, eyes open. Let the body settle into place.

Release resistance.



Notice where body touches the ground, the chair, etc…

Really feel that weight, the connection with the physical, the earth.

Begin to sense the bottoms of the feet, where our grounding energy comes from. Notice sensations, tingles, etc.

Use your attention to bring the focus up the body from the feet, feeling the skin, the bones, the blood, the veins, the cells of your body, you are filling your body with consciousness, with love.

Come up your legs, in to the shins, knees and thighs, rest here. Feel the whole of your legs, one at a time if it’s not easy to focus on both… feeling the skin but also inside your body, staying connected to the weight of your body.

Keeping eyes open so you don’t go into a trance and get pulled away from the body, relax the whole body, release any tension.

Moving your focus up the body into the hips, sacrum and pelvis, feeling all the parts, loving all of yourself deeply. Gently using your mind to connect and love your body.

Notice connections of skin to clothes, chair, etc. Feel the weight in your bum connected to the chair. Keep coming up slowly, gently with your mind’s eye on your stomach, lower back, pause here, connect with your organs, picture them moving and working harmoniously in your body, bringing healing and nourishment.

Moving up into the chest and upper back, connecting with your heart, your lungs, the air that keeps you alive, breathe deeply and gently here, feel the air, become grateful for your beautiful heart that you love with, where you receive love from the Universe, your fiancee, your children, your friends, awaken its healing powers. Love your SELF!

Breathe into any tension. Relax and let it go, trust.

Staying connected in the body, go into your shoulders, noticing the presence in your whole torso, and legs, the feet connected, grounded to the earth.

Direct this present energy down into your arms, feeling it flow, with your mind’s eye, filling your limbs with life, beauty, usefulness.

Come up into the throat and neck, release, relax. Appreciate your communication powers of voice, all the beauty you have spoken. Move your neck gently, release.

Move up into your head, your amazing brain, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your lips. Sense it all, feel the tingles the sensations of your beautiful face.

Feel your WHOLE BODY at once. Connected, Grounded. Alive.

Breathe in Goodness.

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