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Hi All,

This is a guest post from one of my friends over at, she has just written a book and is doing some really fabulous work, be sure to check her out! 

Thanks, Matt.

I grew up in a medical household and did straight science at high school, so when I first heard about the Law of Attraction, no matter how much I WANTED to believe, I just couldn’t.

Maybe I could make it work for small things like parking spots and good social experiences.

But not when it came to the important and difficult things like business, relationships, health.

The obvious links between quantum physics and Law of Attraction didn’t help, either. After all, quantum physicists live in a classical, Newtonian macro world, just like you or me. They don’t float to work on a cloud of energy—they drive cars or ride the bus.

Several times I nearly gave up on the whole LOA thing.

But then I began to read about how the human brain delivers our experience of reality.

This squishy, three pound mass of jelly in our skulls takes all the data we’re exposed to 24/7, then filters it using a highly sophisticated mix of memory, attention, focus, beliefs and chemistry.

And then the brain gives us its best guess at what’s going on “out there”; which is what we call “reality”.

But what’s got me truly lit up is the new science of neuroplasticity—the ability of our thoughts and behaviours to literally and physically change our brains.

Could this new brain science be the missing piece? Is it in fact the biological mechanism by which we create our reality? Could my choices as a deliberate creator actually change my physical brain, and therefore the reality I experience?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Because here’s the key. You and I, we are not our brains.

We are the USERS of our brains.

Every single manifesting tool we might work with—affirmations, visualisation, pre-paving, scripting, acting-as-if, even plain old meditation—operates on our brain to change it. Each one helps us build a new set of memory, attention, focus, beliefs and chemistry.

And you know how I know? Because those manifesting tools work best when we enjoy them; and when we repeat them. We know from the research that the brain responds powerfully to pleasure and satisfaction; and that changing it requires repetition.

Next time you’re playing with your favourite manifesting tool, you can celebrate the fact that you’re changing your brain.

I think that’s pretty darn cool, don’t you?

Janette Dalgliesh is the Sweet Relief Coach, and author of Your Everyday Superpower: Can the New Brain Science Open the Door to an Altered Reality?, available now from Amazon

She translates complex brain science into plain English to create practical tools you can actually use to change your life. A member of faculty for Good Vibe University, she is based in Australia and has an international following.

You’ll find her at (where you can pick up her free resource Heal Your Inner Critic)


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