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This podcast began with a powerful quote by Rumi:

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

How deep is that? You and everything else in this life and beyond are connected by bonds of love. The problem is, how often do you truly think about all the love in your life? We start off with the love of family at a young age, learning from those around us. We then venture into romantic love, and once again return to the love of family, just in a new capacity. There are so many aspects of love, not just those in our family or circle of close friends. There are pastimes, humankind, the universe, God, the Earth, and so many more.

When we look at the aspects of love, we need to see if we are consciously making a choice to be loving. Think about something you truly love, and someone you truly love. Then think about how that love makes you feel. Do you make the choice to feel that way each day? If not, then you may want to figure out how to be more loving with the things in your life. Let love in!

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