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For many years I have been thinking on the idea of Spirituality in Business, trying to find a place for emotions and being who we really are, and not leaving the best parts of ourselves at the door when doing business.

This decade-plus conundrum in life has born in me something that has felt very wonderful for years and also has brought me great joy and opportunity from dozens of clients, employees, freelancers, and friends. Many of the people I have met in business have become good friends and others its just good professional communication. Their feedback over the years has taught me one very important thing. Kindness in Business is well worth the effort.

An attitude of kindness can really change the energy of a conversation, during hiring, a contract, a business deal, even a negotiation, or in letting an employee go, or simply just in daily business communication. I don’t mean “trying to say the right thing” or to be politically correct. It’s an inner process that includes the intention of kindness behind the next steps, future communications, and the present moment.

I have found it to feel absolutely wonderful in my own personal experience. I have watched kindness turn a no into a yes, fear into success, and sadness into joy. The worst that has happened so far might be a bruised ego on my end, or maybe resistance on their end. Nothing that stops me from wanting to follow through on such a good opportunity.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be yourself or stand up for yourself. Be assertive and confident. Follow through and do good business while going for your goals. However, doing business with kindness relieves stress, fosters trust, better communication, and better business relationships.

I may wear my heart on my sleeve, and not everyone may be comfortable with that. It’s their choice, not mine. I choose kindness and all the Joy in Business it brings.



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