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Please check out this post by my good friend, Laura Gevanter. She recently launched an Indie Gogo campaign for her new venture that you can read about below: Check out that link and find out more about Creating Conscious Conversation.
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Alchemy: The transformation of your journey through conscious conversation

I’ve asked questions my whole life. Always wanting to know why or at least more.Or making the connections between thing are related.  Not much of a surprise I became a life coach where I was actually trained to ask questions and more specifically, the right kind of questions to get the answer.  The answer that is going to empower the person to realize they have all the answers. Raising their consciousness.

Not long after that, I started my own radio show called Life in The Present Tense where, during a three year period, I conducted over 150 interviews with experts from around the world in all areas of well-being and consciousness education. Many are NY Times best-selling authors such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Donna Gates and Eldon Taylor. Again, I got to ask more questions. It is a passion of mine finding people on the leading edge to discuss their passions. The best part is sharing these people with my audience.

I was inspired recently to bring my work out in a bigger way. I wanted to create a virtual space where like-minded people could hang out and have conscious conversations. I wanted to make it a collaborative effort so that a select group of  contributors could share their knowledge and expertise on a regular basis. I love the idea that the increased exposure for all the contributors will help grow their individual businesses through the offering of blog posts and articles, E-Courses and workshops, Mastermind groups and private consultations as well as books, audios and other resources. The interview format will change to shorter video  interviews where members can have live, direct interaction with my guests.

As a coach who uses the law of attraction as the foundation for my coaching, as well as in my workshops and retreats, I teach people the power of being conscious in their daily lives. When one is conscious, they are more present and life becomes richer,  more fulfilling and has more meaning. To be able to spread that message is my intention and my dream realized.

By creating a global community of members and contributors having conscious conversations it aims to improve the quality of life for all involved and in turn have an effect on the planet as a whole.

‘The answer lies in the question and the conversation starts the inquiry’.

– Laura Gevanter, Founder and Creator of The Alchemy Café

Indiegogo Campaign:

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