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Anxiety is a difficult feeling to cope with, especially if you experience it often. It can make you feel like you don’t know what to do or that you’re stuck, and that’s no good.

Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to reduce your feelings of anxiety, and you can start doing them today. Here are a few simple practices that should be done regularly to help manage your anxiety.

Meditation training is one of the most helpful practices out there when it comes to anxiety. Meditation sessions can be a great opportunity for you to clear your mind, focus on what is making you feel anxious, and then eliminate those negative thoughts. Starting your meditation training can also be as simple as sitting quietly for ten minutes every day. You’d be surprised at just how much it can help. In fact, 60% of anxiety-prone individuals experienced improvement in their condition with six to nine months of meditation.

Keep a Journal
Taking the time to journal every day is a great way to expel thoughts of anxiety from your head. By putting thoughts to paper, you’re better able to process them and give yourself the space you need to sort through them. Consider it a method of happiness training, as this practice can not only make you feel calmer, it can make you feel more mindful and appreciative as well.

Take Gratitude Lessons
When we’re able to feel grateful for things in our lives, it’s much easier to feel calm. Gratitude lessons can be as simple as remembering to say thank you or writing down one thing you’re grateful for every day. The more you practice gratitude, the more things you’ll see in your life that will ease your anxieties.

If you put these three things into practice, you’re certain to see a change in your outlook. Happiness coaching definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but with continued dedication and patience, you’ll be your own happiness coach in no time. So the next time you’re feeling anxious about an event or an assignment, don’t hesitate to use these tools.

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