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I recently had the chance to sit down and have a wonderful interview with a great friend, Nat Couropmitree from Our whole conversation was on the topic of “Self Love” and how this love of the self affects our lives and businesses. It was such a great reminder for me how important this practice is.

Just to be clear, this is not about conceit, arrogance or even love of the “personality.” It’s much more a love of who we really are. Who we are inside. The blessing that we are to the world through following our inspiration, which often shows up as a business.

Talking with Nat, shined such a beautiful light on this ancient practice. Remember the spiritual directive: “Love thy neighbor as thyself?” Most people focus on the neighbor, the outer, however, it is clear to me that the love of the true self, the higher self, is just as important as the love of others.

It all begins with us, if we appreciate ourselves deeply, we will then be able to shine that light outwards to the world. If we do not, our so called love for others is really much more about trying to find approval, accolades, and a pat on the back. Generating the love from within first and then sharing it with all we meet just becomes a natural process we no longer need to ‘try to do’.

Much more about this subject in this podcast here with Nat:

Allow Love In (and Out),


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