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I was at my yoga class recently with Stacy Plaske from Balance Yoga in Huntington, NY and my best friend and client Susi from Yoga Ugo. As usual Stacy imparted some wisdom and this time it was about ‘Surfing’ of all things.


She was explaining how instead of using our muscles to move into the postures, instead to use our ‘Source’ which is the breath. She said “Just surf on the breath into place.”




It hit me in that moment and has stayed with me since that moment just how true, powerful and revelatory that really is.


Often we are trying to ‘effort’ our way through life. We are using our muscles, our rushing, our doing, our forcing….


Instead, we have another choice.


We can rely on our Source, our breath, and surf into place. Doesn’t that sound like a much better choice?


A more aligned direction?


A more divinely inspired path?


Yeah, I know. It’s obvious now, isn’t it? Just imagine with me for a moment …


What would your life and business look like if you really applied this wisdom?


I bet it would be pretty damn beautiful.


As entrepreneurs, we can often push too hard, too often. I think it’s high time we started doing more surfing, much more breathing, and a whole lot more….



Thanks, Stacy. You are huge blessing in my life and I love you for it.


Surfin’ Baby! 🙂



Photo credit: Elizabeth Haslam / Foter / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center / Foter / CC BY-NC

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