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 LOABC_quantum_living_1This life that we are all living has many mysteries, many beautiful ideas, and can be downright awe-inspiring. I find Quantum Physics to be all of those things. It is a mystery. It’s a beautiful idea, and I find it awe-inspiring.


Consider these quick ideas/truths:

99.9% of everything is… (Unless of course you include dark matter and black holes but we really have no idea what those actually are, so we will leave that to the side for now.)

  • Nothing material is actually solid. (huh?!)
  • Placebo effect. Nuff said.
  • People have cured cancer with laughter.
  • The stars you see in the sky may no longer be there.
  • There are 10 billion trillion stars.
  • The Universe is expanding. (If it’s the Uni-Verse, where is it expanding to?! Oh, right, there may be more than 1 Universe, Duo-Verse, Multi-Verse, anyone?)
  • Our Sun’s rays that you can feel on your skin are 30,000 years old or older.
  • We are all Young! All of our cells are at the most 10 years old and most of us less than 7 years old.

OK, I think you get a bit of where I am going with this, right? We know a lot less than we think we know. However, one thing we do know is that we have powerful minds that help us heal our lives and achieve our greatest dreams. There are millions of those stories, what is yours?

Listen in to Dr. Alyssa Summey, on the latest Matt and Phil Show, discuss with us the effect of Love on our Healing and all sorts of other delicious Quantum Living ideas! Thanks again, Alyssa.


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