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I just posted this quote on Facebook:

“Prosperity is not a matter of money. Prosperity is a state of well being that implies a fee and easy access to all that is good and desirable, and connotes a free, complete and satisfying life…True Prosperity is not measured by things, but by achievement, contentment, confidence, freedom, inspiration, beauty, abounding health, rich thoughts, deep awareness, in harmonious relations with others, love and devotion of friends, courage in the presence of fear, peace of mind…” – Robert A. Russell in his book You, Too Can Be Prosperous


I thought it was so succinct so perfect, exactly what I need to hear as I am getting myself re-focused for the business week ahead.

I mean, that’s why I am doing all this ‘work’ right?


I do it for prosperity, fulfilling my purpose, for money, for fun, for excitement, passion, etc.


I was already focused in that direction but this really hit me and accelerated my mindset even deeper into alignment. No matter how many times I see it, have the realization, remember, etc that our lives are lived in our minds. Not out there somewhere, not in someone else’s mind, not on TV, not in a book, right here, but


100% in OUR OWN MINDS.


We decide what is prosperous not anyone else, unless we allow them to make decisions for us.


We have the power of choice in this and all things to choose how we want to look at any situation in our lives, especially when it comes to prosperity. When I am in this state of mind, I always seem to hear these words echoing in my mind:


‘He who hath, will be given more, he that hath not,

even what he has will be taken from him.’


Those deep and powerful words from the Bible. (As a Deliberate Creator the Bible means to me: A Guidebook on Personal Transformation and Divine Guidance. Nothing to do with religion per se, at all.) I feel like it is a very profound LOA truth about how we can look outside and stare at the mud or look at the stars.


We can choose to be inspired by contrast or allow it to defeat us.


Whatever we acknowledge as good in our lives will grow, whatever we acknowledge as lack in our lives, that will grow as well.


In the end, it is always up to us. We get to choose what is possible in our lives by the thoughts we think and about what we see and experience. By what we say and do, by what we allow ourselves to feel.


How do you think about your business right now? Is it feeling prosperous? I sure hope so! If not, no big deal, start reaching for a better feeling thought RIGHT NOW! 🙂


I hath much and more, grateful.


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