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I am very happy to announce the event “Nurtured By Love” Meditation Retreat that will be taking place the first weekend in June at Spirit Fire Retreat Center in NW Massachusetts.
My friend Nat and I came together 6 months ago because we knew we wantd to work together so we decided to do a free webinar on “Love”. Well, the powers that be had other ideas. 🙂 As Nat and I explored the subject of Love we realized that a webinar just would not do it justice. What was born is a full scale weekend retreat where the focus will be the title of the retreat, to become “Nurtured by Love”.
Truth be told, this retreat is dream come true for me. Nothing excites me and inspires me more than an opportunity to give to my fellow men and women. In this setting of a full weekend in retreat with one another I know this will be a life changing event for anyone who attends, as I am sure it will be for me as well.
To be completely focused on nurturing ourselves, loving ourselves, relaxing, eating delicious healthy organic food, meditating, in the gorgeous studio at the retreat center, doing Qi Gong outside on the beautiful natural grounds, in the crisp fresh air along the foothills of the Green Mountains. For me, it will be a little slice of heaven and I pray it is for all who attend. You can read more about the retreat by clicking this link: LOVE RETREAT
To hear more about my and Nat’s philosophy on being “Nurtured by Love” please click here to listen to my first ever, Blab Recording, it was pretty cool. Would love to know what you think:
In Love,
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