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1. Laugh!


I don’t care if you laugh about yourself, to yourself, by listening to a comedian, while crying, while running, while you’re in the shower (I love this one, it sounds extra funny with bathroom acoustics!), watching your favorite TV Show, etc.


It does not matter….Just laugh dammit! It really is one of the most powerful and transformative practices we have available!


2. Get Grateful


Any of you who know my work know I am a huge gratitude and appreciation guy, (in fact right now you can get a free chapter from my upcoming book on the subject. by signing up for the email list go here to do so) and I am such a big fan for really only 1 reason:


It Works!


Instantaneously, you can feel SO much better when you are in grateful state. Simply, think about the person you are most grateful to in the whole world. Picture their happy smiling face and just take a few moments out of your day to love them and appreciate them…you feel better already, don’t you?! 🙂


3. Get Grounded


This is an often overlooked state, it’s not flashy, it’s not very ‘Hollywood’ but I can tell you one thing: It’s Extremely Practical and Real.


It really only takes a few moments especially once you have practiced it a few dozen times. Feel your body, your skin, the force of gravity, relax your shoulders, your belly, the muscles in your face, close your eyes, feel the breath move through your body, adding in some gratitude for the breath can help a lot as well. Just be for a few moments in this state of increasing groundedness, allowing some peace, some quiet, and some homeostasis for your body temple. Feel better? I do just writing about it!


4. Ask For Help


Sometimes, it’s a friend or a family member. Sometimes it’s your Coach. It can be anyone you feel inspired to reach out to really. It can be such a great feeling to share your burden, questions, and situation with someone who has your best interest at heart. I am a coach, there is nothing that gives me more joy than helping someone in need. Think about it, allowing me to help you is doing me a favor! It’s amazing how symbiotic our lives can really be. And the amazing feeling of relief will turn around any tough attitude.


5. Exercise


Moving our body through walking, yoga, going to the gym, dancing (more on this later!) etc., is oxygenating, stretching, opening, gets our juices flowing, releases endorphins, and so many more amazing things for our body temple which has an immediate and long lasting effect on our attitude.


If exercise is not in your daily activities, it’s time to change that so you can reap the benefits! This is one that I use many times a week, I get so busy sometimes, 100’s of emails, dozens of phone calls, writing, writing, writing…once I get out in nature, breathing the fresh air, looking at the sky, my attitude has an immediate long lasting shift!


Ok, I know I said top 10, and I promise to get you the next 5 but I ran out of time for today, off to yoga! 🙂


Awesome Attitude,


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