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Sorry, it took me so long to get to Part 2 but I had to fit a vacation in recently.

Talk about a change of attitude …. a vacation is a great way to go!

OK, without further ado ….


#6 Take Some Time Off!

We all need down time. In our faced pace culture of instantaneous Twittering, etc., we often forget to take some time for ourselves. And when we do take the time, it’s important not to be busy every moment.

Hey, on my vacation, I was swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, etc. but I was very sure to take some time for meditation, just relaxing, cooking and reading. Of course we have to find the balance that works best for us so we can make the most of our time off, and come back with a positive attitude adjustment.


#7 Get Inspired

This one seems pretty obvious, right?

Yet, haven’t we all stayed away from our inspirational resources even when we are feeling a little off, down, or in doubt? Of course, we all have, but we can change that. We can actually start a list (dare I say to print this out and keep it ready for your next down day? YES!) and when we don’t feel great pull it out and get started doing things we know will help! Here is one that always helps me:


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts most. ~Winston Churchill


I read quotes like the above and my doubts are washed away.


I read authors who inspire me. Some of my favorites of late are: Eric Butterworth, Ernest Holmes, Mike Dooley and Neville Goddard.


It’s really a simple powerful practice to read, listen to, watch YouTube videos etc. of the people that really light our fires. When we stay inspired, we can’t help but have our attitudes improve.


#8 Breathe

Sometimes, all we really need is some conscious deep breathing.


Not especially deep, just heart open, full lung, baby belly breathing. It truly is one of the most fulfilling, nurturing and relaxing things we can do for ourselves. Try it right now:


  • simply straighten up, heart open
  • breathe in slow and deep
  • allow you belly to expand as your diaphragm moves
  • gently allow your breath to leave your body with no extra force
  • repeat 10 times


I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I Am, I Am, I Am. ~Sylvia Plath


Conscious Breathing is a very potent attitude changer; it brings homeostasis to the body, and the Mind.


#9 Use the Socratic Method

The Socratic Method is really just asking questions.


Some that help me create an attitude shift are related to the big picture of my life and getting the support I want:


  • Why am I here?
  • What is my life about?
  • Who am I?
  • What can I do to help myself?
  • What is the best thing I can do for myself right now?


We often forget how much innate wisdom we already have. The truth is we already know what we need to know but we have forgotten it.


We have listened to others for too long.

We listened to the TV too much.

We didn’t listen enough to our own inner voice.


Once we shift that, our attitude changes. We become enthusiastic about our lives, and all of a sudden we have the energy to do what we want to do.


Which leads us to #10…..


#10 Focus on What You Want

Many times I have noticed in my own life when my attitude is down, when I don’t have energy, or just not feeling good, it’s because I am not focused on what I really want. I am bogged down in the details, errands and all the sideline stuff.


I like to be in the mix. I like to be focused on my vision. I find that empowering. I find it exciting, and when I really let my Mind believe, know it’s just around the corner, really enacting the awesome power of Faith…well; my attitude has nowhere to go but UP!


Want some bonus attitude changers? I thought you might! 🙂


I will work on those for the 3rd installment!


Relaxed, Inspired and Breathing.



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