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LOABizMakeover_1I came up with this idea based on some business marketing conferences I have been to where they bring someone up and do a live “makeover” for their business, website etc. I think those are great but if you are a Deliberate Creator, wouldn’t you want an LOA Business Makeover?! 🙂 I sure hope so because I am going to do these live starting next week at Good Vibe University, which in case you didn’t know is the hottest LOA Community in the Universe! My good friend Jeannette Maw has been gracious enough to invite me over to hang with the GVU peeps and do some makeovers for businesses LOA STYLE!


Essentially, what we will do is look at the current ‘reality’, the current ‘story’ that is being told and lived and see if we can start to infuse some fresh MOJO into their vortices! By the way, you can do this yourself ya know. What stale old story are you telling about your business? Well, you can make that story the past simply by changing your mind….


Well, we will go deeper next week on April 9th 3pm EDT at and you can join us for some makeovers. C’mon it will be fun, you can get your hair and makeup done too but someone else will have to do that for you! 🙂


Making it all Anew,



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