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There’s much to be said for ‘Letting Go’. Especially when we know it’s something we no longer need, or something that does not support our highest selves. Whether in business or life, it’s awfully important to take stock of our current situation and decide if it’s time to let go of some unnecessary energy in our field.

There are many paths to this process, as simple as cleaning out our cars, closets, desks and old junk drawers. Or taking an inner body approach and cleansing our bodies through food choices, colonics, exercise, yoga and so on. There are still many more ways through a forgiveness practice, Rebirthing Breathwork, simple meditation, or energy healing. I don’t think it matters all that much exactly what path we take in this regard, however, what I do think is of the utmost importance is that we do something to:


Forgive, Let Go, Clean out, Rejuvenate, so we can truly Bloom.


Life is often about letting go so we can allow more in. If we are ‘full’, where are all those desires we have able to receive the abundance? They’re not. So we must, as Michael Beckwith says:

“Let go, and Let God, let go, and let Love, let go and let in the sweet abundance…..”

Are you ready to Let Go? To trust, to have faith, to believe that its all going to work out and be OK?

I sure hope so! However, be patient with yourself. Source knows, I have certainly taken my sweet time with letting go of many things. The more I do it, the better it feels.

Phil and I had a super fun show on all these topics just last night! Give a listen.


Let Go.



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