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During the workshop of Abraham Live!, one quote stuck out the most:

“Fear, doubt, and worry come from disagreeing with our inner being.”

That quote says more than meets the eye. In order to understand it, first you have to define what the inner being is to you. For many, the definition includes their higher self, who they truly are, their soul, and their divine spark. So, if we are disagreeing with who we truly are, that is where those negative emotions come from – fear, doubt, and worry.

The self-realization that comes with letting go of the more materialistic side of life is very deep, providing you a deeper level of inspiration, awareness, faith, love, trust, knowing, and belief. It provides you with a subtle shift from dissatisfaction within yourself to a greater level of satisfaction within yourself. This only happens when you stop allowing fear to have control over you and your choices.

Side with your inner being to help stop those negative emotions from controlling you, and see just how amazing your life becomes.

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