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“Concentration is the secret of strength” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was thinking after a long day of helping my parents put up Christmas decorations, doing some of that at home as well, some shopping, a few hours of work for the marketing business, and frankly I just wanted to crash on the couch watch some football and sci-fi shows and do nothing else the rest of the night. Then I remembered something:


There are no two ways about it, what you focus on is what your life becomes. This life and universe just happen to be set up that way and as far as I can tell there is nothing we can do about it but use the Law in our favor. I realized that if I stayed on the couch, as tired as my brain was, as sore as my body was, as lazy as I was feeling that if I stayed there that is what I would be putting out to the world, a couple of TV shows, get tired and go to bed. That is NOT what I want to give to this world, to my family, friends, clients or to my Self.

How do you focus on your business? Are you stressed, worried, or have anxiety about it? Think what message you are sending to yourself about your business. If your vibration is doubt and fear how can your business grow?

Once I remembered that my focus would equal my life, that thought sparked another about the Butterfly Effect. I have written about this before in my Cause and Effect blog post. The Butterfly Effect is the idea that by some small action can have an enormous, even cataclysmic effect somewhere else. The most common saying is that by the effect of a Butterflies wings in one area of the world a tornado could be prompted in another part of the world. It based on the idea of cascading events, ripple effects and chain reactions that we can never see before they occur.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

What happens if we apply these two ideas simultaneously to our lives?

  1. Our Focus = Our Life
  2. Small changes in one part of our lives could have tremendous effects elsewhere in our lives.

Well, for #1 its really quite simple: whatever we put our attention on, whatever we concentrate on, whatever it is we aim at achieving ends up being the aspects of life that we draw in, experience, feel and think about. LOA 101, right? If you are not up to speed on LOA 101, please go here for an interesting interpretation by Dr. Wayne Dyer. OK, now let’s add in the idea that small changes can have large effects on our life. What if our attention, our laser focus, was on bettering our lives anyway we knew how? What if we had that focus everyday for at least a few minutes a day? Could that constancy of purpose, that persistence be the thing that helps us to reach our Tipping Point? (Another fun idea actually!)

We all want things for our lives, right? We all want success for our businesses, good relationships, peace of mind, money, prosperity, freedom, house, etc. How are we going to experience those things? By staying the same? By NOT focusing on what we want, what we hope, wish and pray for? No. We are going to get it by:

  1. Knowing very clearly what it is that we want, knowing what we are ‘Aiming’ for.
  2. Focusing some attention on this, if not everyday, at least several times per week.
  3. Talking, feeling, thinking, praying, concentrating, putting effort towards these desires on a consistent basis.
  4. Having a never give up attitude, being persistent
  5. Realizing the time is NOW.

I could have stayed on the couch, I could have let my dreams for my life stay on the sideline, I could have used all of my excuses, but I did not, and I hope you don’t either.

“Saints are sinners who kept on going.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Success is yours to create, the power is within you!


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