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Imagine Greater, Continuum - Matt O'Grady
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As some of you know I am a bit of a sci-fi geek and I was just watching Syfy Channel’s “Continuum” (great show by the way!) about time travel, some really good acting and cast. Rachel Nichols is awesome. Anyway, I digress. At the end of the show, Rachel Nichols, the star of “Continuum”, gets on and says 2 words:

LOABC_imagine2Imagine Greater, which is the tag line for the Syfy channel.

I have probably heard and read that tag line 100’s of times before and today was the first time I really heard them. Isn’t that true for our lives, for our businesses? Just like all creation processes, it starts with an idea, a thought. From this idea all is created, a TV Show, our lives, is there really that much difference? At least from the level of ‘idea/thought’?

Many people have been able to see that our most progressive thinkers, people such as Jesus, Einstein, Da Vinci, are not all that much different from the SyFy writers like Phillip K. Dick for example. They are focused on some different topics, sure but what has happened? An idea was shown and passed down or written, and made movies out of, and then the technology becomes a theoretical reality and then a material one. All of life is based on the same laws, gravity, love, breath = life, focus = its like kind. So, as Jesus was teaching Peace, Faith, Consciousness, how the Universe worked he was planting the seeds of how to affect one’s reality. Just like Leo Da Vinci, Einstein, Michelangelo, it all starts with the thought, the idea, and from there if energy is focused on a certain topic, person etc, then some universal action is performed and that experience and thought starts to work more of its way into our minds.

So what thoughts are you creating into your business

your clients

your employees

your co workers

your life

your relationships


We pour our lives into being by our thoughts as the filter (us) for this energy that is then sculpted into the world as ‘our lives’. If we are asleep to life and love, and fun in business, and peace, and its all getting weller, then we may or may not take advantage of its blessings. So think about, What You Think About! And maybe, just maybe…


You can Imagine Greater.

For your life, your business and everything in-between.


Imagining My Life,


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