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If You Knew You Could Not Fail....(3 Simple Steps to Confidence) - Matt O'Grady
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LOABC_impossibleWhat would you do?


In your business…


In your life…


In your relationships…


In your spiritual practice…


What would your life be like if you lived it with complete confidence?


Have you ever even tried for a moment?


Try it now! Just step back for a moment and imagine what it would be like.




being completely relaxed, confident, composed, ready, focused….


What does that feel like for you? It feels pretty damn good to me. 🙂


#1 Step to Confidence ~ Breathe:


Some people say it’s over rated but I am not in that camp! 🙂 I think it’s actually quite life giving. Taking deep full smooth relaxed breaths can change your life. Oxygenating your brain helps you think faster and helps all those neuro-pathways open right up!


#2 Step to being Confident ~ Be Grounded:


Oh yeah, this is a BIG one. Feeling your feet on the ground, being alive and awake in your body temple, not just living from your head. Using all your senses to connect with your world. Not fidgeting, simply BEING in your body, relaxed, and well, confident!


#3 Super Step to Confidence ~ Remembering Who You Really Are:


This can mean many things to many people but for me, it’s remembering, I Am. Remembering I Am a child of the Divine. That I Am Spirit having a Hu-Man experience. That most of what I see is an illusion to one degree or another and that how I FEEL is my supreme direction, and well, I Feel Damn Good! 🙂


In business, confidence goes a very long way, and the truth is when you act from confidence, you are actually creating your success in those moments.


What could you create right now for your business if you were vibrating complete confidence?


If you knew you could not fail, what would you do right now?





Photo credit: h.koppdelaney / / CC BY-ND

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