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A few weeks ago I got wind of the site, I thought to myself, “what an amazing idea, I hope to be on there some day.

Well, friends sometimes we manifest REALLY fast. 🙂


I was included in the list of Best LOA Coaches for 2012! Wow. What an honor. I am proudly going to display the badge on my homepage.  Check it out! 🙂


There is a truly amazing list of LOA coaches and personalities that are the ‘winners’ that you can view here: 2012 LOA Leader Award Winners. I urge you to go their sites, follow them on SM, check them out and expand your LOA teacher horizons.


In honor of my appreciation and a way to thank my tribe and a fun way to ‘pay it forward’, I am going to do a ‘Love Report’ and find something awesome about each and every winner on this list. Look out for that upcoming post.


Really Grateful,


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