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We are not static beings. Our lives are organic, spiral in nature, constantly evolving, changing, moving, growing, and expanding, always in a state of flux. Why would our inner lives, our emotional states be any different? AND Why is there something wrong with that? Of course by now, we all know the benefits of being positive (Thanks Norman Vincent Peale), however, isn’t it also true that we know we can’t ALWAYS be in a ‘positive’ mood? I like to think about what our lives would be like if we….

  • LOABC_Fire_SpiralAccepted ourselves as we were
  • Loved ourselves no matter what
  • Allowed our true, flowing, changeable nature
  • Released the pressure on ourselves to ‘be positive’
  • Connected deeply with what is actually happening rather than trying to ‘fix’ it or make it better or different

Hey, I am all for reaching for a better feeling thought, developing our true selves, aiming at high consciousness and big success, however, I think at times we can get to caught up in being ‘dis-satisfied’ with ‘what is’ and just reveling in the beauty of the present moment no matter what that moment may be… I think aiming for being at peace with what is, what is now, what is in the present moment, is severely underrated… not to mention, what power, beauty and revelations are available through that simple spectacular practice. Hey, it’s just my 2 cents worth but we got at least .98 more cents from Suyin Nichols as a guest who was very honest and vulnerable about her journey on our Matt and Phil LOA Show last night: “How to Stay Positive in a Negative World”. Give a listen; I would love your feedback!

Big Love, Matt

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