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Managing a business during a pandemic can be challenging. Financial setbacks, mass layoffs and canceled clients have made it difficult to stay afloat this year. However, this is all the more reason to cultivate gratitude within your firm. It’s important to remind yourself and your employees that you are lucky, and that you are grateful to have survived all the challenges thrown your way. Cultivating gratitude through your business is not only good for your mental and physical health, but for company morale and ultimately the bottom line. So with that in mind, below are some key ways to cultivate gratitude while managing a business.

The Value of Leadership

Creating a business culture built around gratitude starts with the leadership. Leaders set the company culture and it’s important to be a leader that recognizes the hard work your employees are doing, especially during difficult times brought about by the pandemic. Start with top-down thankfulness. Take the time to acknowledge a job well done and celebrate accomplishments, even the smallest ones. Managers must show positive reinforcement by thanking employees who are stepping up to go above and beyond their work. This motivates employees to continue working hard even with the difficult circumstances.

Positive Communications

Hard times may be tough, but it’s important to think about the positives in order to overcome them. Business shouldn’t underestimate the power they have to spread positive energy through their communication and outreach. Business communications should reflect the empathy and shared hardship the community is feeling, as well as the motivation to collectively help each other. Chris Schembra of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network says we physically and psychologically need social gratification to help us power through hard times. Be a business that reaches out to its clients and customers and thank them for standing by you. Building relationships during difficult times make it more likely for your business to last in the long run.

Employee Support and Training

Another way to cultivate gratitude while managing a business is by investing in the personal growth of your employees. It’s a way to show you care about their personal and career development, and a way to appreciate them for the hard work they put in the business. A guide to starting an LLC in New York outlines that the state offers a range of skills training programs and assistance that can benefit your business. These trainings not only show that you care about your employees but also helps them improve their knowledge and productivity. More personal development support through sharing podcasts on Practicing Gratitude and Appreciation or meditation practices can also help them live happier more fulfilled lives.

Customer and Partnership Relations

Maintaining transparency with your clients is a sign of respect. During this time, your business will most likely experience situations where clients are unable to pay or suppliers unable to fulfill your purchase request. Customer and partnership relations is another way to cultivate gratitude. Owner of VS Photography Valerie Sarron found that gratitude has helped her grow significant business partnerships. Showing gratitude and empathy through your business relations helps maintain meaningful ties even during slumps in the industry. Having meaningful relationships with clients and partners means a strong avenue for business referrals and development in the long run.

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